What will I watch? That’s one of the questions I always ask myself before a new anime season starts. I know I’m not able to keep up with the episodes of every single new anime that comes out, so I make a selection of a few anime with an interesting premise.

Only about a month to go and the anime summer season kicks off. This time, I didn’t choose just two or three anime to watch, but chose no less than five! Two of them are sequels, and three are completely new for me. Here’s my selection, with an explanation of why I’m looking forward to it and why I will watch them.

Ikoku Meiro no Croisée

The reason why I will watch this anime is because I am intrigued by its beautiful art. I have seen the trailer of this anime, and I was stunned by the beautiful backgrounds and depictions of Paris. I think the story will be quite good, because it is based on a manga, and this (usually) promises a solid storyline. I am not very familiar with the voice actors, so I cannot comment on that yet, but in the trailer I noticed that I don’t find the voice of the female main character annoying (a problem which I usually do have with little girls’ voices). In conclusion I can say that I am looking forward to this anime very much.

Dantalian no Shoka

I honestly don’t know what to expect of this one. The only thing I know is that it is based on a manga with the same title and that it will have 13 episodes. The fact that the number of episodes is already known is positive to me: that means the anime makers know what content they want in the anime and that it will probably have a solid ending (although I can’t say much about that right now, of course). From the promotional picture and the manga the art seems quite good, so no complaints there. I don’t know much about the story, so I guess I will see what exactly it is about once the anime starts.


When I saw the trailer of this anime I noticed that the theme was quite dark. The art looked very good, and I liked how the eyes were drawn. I have doubts about the story, because it could go in a good or a very bad direction, but I hope that the storyline will be solid and that the plot will be interesting. The voice actors are quite pleasant to listen to; I don’t know them very well (one of them played Finny in Kuroshitsuji, though), but I am confident they will do a good job. This anime will either be really good or really bad, depending on the storyline. Because the trailers already display the art style, I can say I am pleased with the art. All that’s left now is a good plot and some interesting characters.

Nurarihyon no Mago Season 2

I can’t say that I was very impressed by the first season of Nurarihyon no Mago: the story was rather cliché and mediocre and I didn’t feel any affinity for the characters (most of them were even very annoying, actually). But still I want to watch the second season, mostly because I want to see if the series has improved. The art from the first season was ok, so I don’t expect any problems with that in the second season. I only hope that some of the characters will be less passive and that the story will be less predictable. I think this anime can be quite good if these two problems are solved, and I hope they will be in the second season.

Natsume Yuujinchou Season 3

This is probably the anime I am most looking forward to! I was amazed with the previous two seasons: they had some great stories, beautiful art and very likeable characters. I love the relaxed mood of this show, that’s why it’s perfect for the summer season. I only know very few people that don’t like Natsume Yuujinchou, which shows that everyone can watch it and that it’s very hard to define the main audience. There are no trailers for this season (as far as I know), but I’m quite sure it will be a continuation of the previous seasons. Really, not much to say here, only: can’t wait!