It is unbelievable what can be “said” through music. Certain emotions can be conveyed through music, something which a written or spoken word would never be able to do. That’s why music in anime is very important to me; I love it when I recall a specific feeling when I listen to a piece of music that appeared in an anime.

Here I will list some music tracks that left a big impression on me.


Confidence – Yuki Kajiura – Pandora Hearts OST

Around 40 seconds in the music, when the drums kick in, I just feel an amazing boost of energy every time that I listen to this. Not only that, but there’s also so much emotion in this song. The violins add so much more to it, and while these are usually used to convey a sad feeling, this time it conveys a yes-I-can-do-it-feeling. I love how Yuki Kajiura’s music manages to move me every time. I love most of her music, but this piece truly stands out.


Continued Story – Hitomi – Code Geass R2 OST 2

I just love this song. I used to listen to it at least once every day, it makes me feel very calm. I mainly wanted to mention it in this list because it reminds me of a very special moment (I’m not talking about the specific moment in the anime here). It was around sunset, and I was just finished with my lessons and waiting for my train on the platform. There were barely any people around. The sky was quite clouded, so the sun was not visible. I had turned my iPod on ‘shuffle’, and all of a sudden it was this music that began to play. As the first notes started, the clouds parted and a beautiful golden ray of sunlight appeared in the sky. I was just amazed by these amazing colours, and the music just reinforced that feeling. Even now, as I try to recall that exact sentiment, I still remember that I felt really inspired, and I wished that I had brought my photo camera, even though it would have been impossible to capture that beautiful light as I saw it there. Ever since then, every time I listen to Continued Story, I remember that exact moment.


Shukumei – Takanashi Yasuharu – Fairy Tail OST 1

I think the instruments that are used for the soundtrack of Fairy Tail are amazing, they really reinforce that feeling of a faraway place. This specific piece of music is very nice and relaxing to listen to. Even though it is quite dramatic, the instruments and the singing make it less so. Instead of carrying a message of desperation, it conveys a message of hope. That’s exactly what makes this music so inspiring: you truly feel that you can make a change.


Ihojin no Yaiba – Sato Naoki – Sword of the Stranger OST

Everyone who has seen Sword of the Stranger can without a doubt remember when this beautiful piece of music in played during the movie. And every time I listen to this song, I remember that moment. I like the building up of tension at the beginning of the track; you can almost feel that something is about to happen. Around 1:10 the drums make their entrance and that completely changes the pace of this piece of music. I love the instruments that are used, because they are also recurrent in the other tracks of the soundtrack of Sword of the Stranger. This piece has a recognizable melody, and reflects the mood of the movie very well.


Of course these are not the only soundtracks that have amazed me, but when I think about anime music that has inspired me, these are the first that come to mind. I love to sit back and listen to these pieces of music. I’ll always associate them with the anime they are connected to, but in some cases they have started to live a life of their own. And that’s exactly what good music should do.