What exactly is it that makes that mangaka and anime makers are so fascinated by eyes? It is no longer an exception that an anime character has something quirky going on with one or both of their eyes. Be it one or two eyes that have been gauged out, eyes that can hypnotize people or eyes that are always shut for some mysterious reason, for every of your eye fetishes there is an anime character.

SPOILER WARNING: I don’t think this post is spoiler-ish, but check the tags to be sure.


There are a lot of characters that have one ordinary eye and one eye with a strange colour or an eye patch. Usually we get to know, through a flashback or because it’s told by the character, how that happened. It could have been an accident, or an attack by an enemy or a curse. Really, anything is possible. Some examples:

Takasugi - Gintama

Takasugi ~ Gintama

Lavi ~ D.Gray-man

Lelouch ~ Code Geass

Ciel ~ Kuroshitsuji

Yakumo ~ Shinrei Tantei Yakumo

Sometimes an anime character keeps his/her eyes shut during the whole anime without a real reason. In some cases it gets explains why they do that, but sometimes it’s also just a sign that they’re Chinese (because the Japanese seem to have a tendency to represent Chinese characters with very small eyes… Don’t ask me why, it’s just a trend I noticed…). Some examples:

Gin ~ Bleach

Lau ~ Kuroshitsuji


Of course there are many more examples, but the eye-thingy seems to be something recurrent in anime. In the beginning I thought it was quite unique if an anime character had an original eye ability or a strange colour of eye, but the more anime I watch, the less unique it becomes. I just guess this trick has been pulled off too many times to still surprise the audience. But it’s still quite amazing sometimes!