“This anime was not what I had expected.” This phrase came to mind after I had finished the series. And that’s still how I feel about it. It’s like going on a journey, starting in Japan and ending up in the United States (this is only a metaphor of course, the characters don’t suddenly change location… or do they?). Some elements were very unpredictable, which resulted in the fact that I watched one episode after another in order to make sense out of all the events.

After a fight, Kuro and his companion Benkei have to go into hiding and they find the house of a woman named Kuromitsu. She tells them they can stay as long as they want, but there is one room in her house which they are not to enter. Kuro and Kuromitsu fall in love, and it does not take long before Kuro finds out that she has a terrible secret after he takes a look in that forbidden room.

12 episodes
Action, drama, supernatural

Two words that can describe the story of this anime are ‘chaos’ and ‘confusion’. The first two episodes are quite calm, and you don’t have to make too many efforts to follow the story. However, as the anime proceeds and the plot thickens, new characters are introduced and to me things even get a bit out of hand. The story was packed with action and blood and gore, but for those that want to make sense out of this all, there was not much to grasp. It is obvious that a lot of attention is paid to the “aesthetic” (if you can call it that way, with all the blood and gore) element of this anime, but this at the expense of a consistent story. Because there is a manga which consists of quite a lot of chapters, there is probably more information given there, but since I have not read it, I do not know what background information has been omitted in the anime.

I have absolutely no complaints about the art of this anime. Everything fitted. The colour scheme was chosen well, because the dark tones reflected the content of this series. Even though the characters often did not have any special characteristics (ordinary hair colours, ordinary clothes,…) every character was easily recognizable. The drawing style reminded me of some older animes, but I did not find it annoying. The action scenes were executed very well. The movements were very smooth and sometimes a surprising point of view was implemented.

For a short anime like this one, the most important characters were remarkably fleshed out. Especially the main character, Kuro, came across as a ’round character’*. A downside is that, because of Kuro’s character development, the rest of the characters get less attention. I would have liked to know more about some of the villains in this anime, for example. But as said before, this is just nitpicking, as it’s only 12 episodes long there is simply no time for extended character backgrounds.
* a character that undergoes certain changes throughout the series

The music was neither good nor bad; to me it was quite forgettable, actually. I think this has to do with the fact that you, as the audience, are so concentrated on what’s happening on the screen that you simply don’t have the time to pay attention to the music. However, there were some moments, mainly when the pace of the show was slowed down a bit, where you could really focus on the background music, and then it was often a sad melody that was being played. I loved the fact that Miyano Mamoru voiced Kuro, the main character. He did a very good job on that, because his soft, cold voice suited Kuro’s character very well. The other characters were voiced good as well.

As a conclusion I’d say that this was quite enjoyable because of the high dose of action. It’s not an anime that anyone would watch in order to relax, but you have to keep your eyes open for possible clues that could make you help understand the story better. If you like action and – this is important – blood and gore, then I could recommend this anime. However, note that this anime is not for everyone. It will leave you with confusion, but some people might find this one of the show’s strengths.