I remember my very first anime very well! It was Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. I watched it 3 years ago (so you can tell that I’m not that long into anime yet!). I think it was a very good introduction to anime, because it contains several of the elements that anime is so well known for (original art style, famous seiyuus (voice actors), beautiful music,…).
I still think it’s a great anime, and it’s because of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles that I fell in love with the music of Yuki Kajiura and the art style of Clamp. I also learned my first Japanese words because of this anime (the very first one being ‘hime’ or princess). This anime encouraged me to look up more about anime and to learn more about the Japanese language and culture. I feel I’ll have to watch Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles again soon, because I’m starting to forget certain things (characters, storyline, etc.), and I don’t want that to happen. But one thing I’ll definitely never forget is the joy that this first anime has brought me.