My favourite anime – that has to be Wolf’s Rain! I loved this anime from the first second to the last. Despite the fact that it seems to be popular, I still think that Wolf’s Rain is underestimated by most people. It was the second anime that I watched, and I’ve re-watched it two times now.
The reason why I love Wolf’s Rain so much is the fact that you really have to think (along with them) throughout the story. I think the characters developed very well as the story went on. The art was very nice and reflected the gloomy mood of the show. This is not the kind of show that makes you happy by watching it (far from it!). But then again, there are already so many animes that are funny and bright, so I definitely don’t mind a more dramatic one every once in a while. The fact that I love wolves might also have contributed to choosing this anime as my favourite one. It was also the very first anime that I bought on dvd. All in all, Wolf’s Rain truly stands above all the other anime I have watched so far, and I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of it.