I really had to think about this question, because I have several favourite characters, but an anime crush… I’m not so sure about that! But… if I’m very honest, I must say that my heart beat a little faster every time I saw Hei from the Darker than Black franchise on my computer screen.

SPOILER WARNING: this blog post may contain spoilers of the second season of Darker than Black. You have been warned.

For your information: I’m not talking about the Hei from the second season of Darker than Black (you know, the drunk Hei that looked like a hobo); my “anime crush” (aah, it still feels weird to use that term!) is Hei from the first season and from the specials. I don’t know why I liked him. Is it his character? Is it his rare smile? Is it his collar bones? Or is it all these elements combined? One thing is for sure: I don’t think I’ve ever looked up as much fan art for a character as I did for Hei. Because seriously, watching pictures of him is a delight!

I mean, look at him!