I’m not really ashamed of any of the anime I’ve seen so far, but if I had to choose one, I guess it would be World Destruction. Why I am slightly ashamed of it? Because it’s basically your stereotypical adaptation of a game to an anime, and in terms of story it’s actually rather bad… And you know, the title is not that attractive either… But I still enjoyed it anyway.
I liked the art, the music and the fast-paced episodes. I admit, I was not too fond of the weird creatures that kept appearing (Kuma being the exception of course), but that did not keep me from watching all 13 episodes. I started watching because I knew Miyano Mamoru and Maaya Sakamoto voiced the main characters. I didn’t know anything about the story at all, and I had only seen the promotional poster before watching. I’m not ashamed of watching it, but I’m ashamed I actually enjoyed it, since I usually condemn stereotypical aspects in an anime.