Two days without internet means that I had to interrupt my 30-days challenge. But the problems concerning my internet connection should be fixed, so hopefully it won’t happen again! As for the challenge of today, the saddest anime scene, I choose a scene that is so sad that I am still crying even after having watched it several times.

SPOILER WARNING: this blog post may contain spoilers of the second season of Code Geass. You have been warned.

The saddest anime scene for me is the scene where Lelouch dies. His speeches are so meaningful, and the fact that he is killed by his best friend is heartbreaking. The music aids to convey the feeling that this might actually not be the end, though. I know there is a lot of discussion going on on the internet whether Lelouch really died or not. I personally think that the anime would lose a lot of its credibility if Lelouch did not die, but only acted as if.