I immediately thought of Natsume Yuujinchou when reading today’s anime challenge, and I know, I’ve been talking a lot about this anime in this challenge, but I can’t help that I like so many aspects about it! Maybe Natsume Yuujinchou is not a shoujo anime in the strict sense of the word, but I definitely think that this anime is aimed more at girls than at boys.
Natsume Yuujinchou is one of those rare anime that haunts you for a long time after watching it. I fell in love with this anime from the first episode that I’ve seen of it. The relaxing mood is the most original part of it, as I’ve rarely seen an anime that made me feel so calm (I’m being repetitive, aren’t I?). Anyhow, the only advice I can give to those of you that haven’t seen it yet is to watch it as soon as possible!