It was hard for me to come up with an anime that would have an older male audience as its main target group. That’s why I had to cheat a little and check the tags on MyAnimeList. My favourite anime from the ones that had the seinen-tag is Arakawa Under the Bridge, a rather unconventional and hilarious anime.
I remember that, after watching the first episode, I was quite shocked. There were so many things that made this anime seem so strange and unreal. I mean, what other anime has a guy who can’t accept anything from others, a girl who really thinks that she comes from Venus and a nun that’s actually a guy who likes to shoot people? And that’s only the start, this anime has lots of other excentric characters. The characters is the thing I like best about this anime, in case you hadn’t already noticed. Well, let’s say that the story is also executed in an extraordinary way. I haven’t watched the second season yet, but I will soon!