The topic of this anime challenge is quite ambiguous to me, because I think there is a large difference between the best and the most intriguing art. That’s why I will choose two “winners” today, in those two categories. If we’re talking about the best art, then I think Kuroshitsuji is an extremely good example of that. For the most intriguing art, however, the prize goes to Ano Hana.

Kuroshitsuji’s art is perfect even in the little details. I love the portrayal of England during the Victorian period, and I think the artists did a wonderful job on conveying their view on how they think it looked. The character designs were very appealing and recognizable as well.

The reason why I think Ano Hana has extremely intriguing art is because of its simplicity. The art and character designs are nothing fancy, I’d even say that they look plain in comparison to many other anime series. But the wonderful thing about the art of Ano Hana is that it is effective when it has to be. No excess amount of details or beautiful details, the anime series doesn’t need that. I don’t want to spoil, but there is a specific scene where I was devastated by one of the characters’ facial expression. Something as simple as that made me cry; I think this explains the effectiveness of the art I mentioned.