I’m a sucker for those anime that focus on one specific hero or heroine and then portrays the struggles and hardships he or she has to go through in order to become what they want to be. Add in some flirting with “the dark side” and you’ll have me hooked. I think an anime characer that fills these requirements is Hei from Darker than Black.
Now that I think about it, haven’t I talked about Hei before? As in, he’s my anime crush? Might the fact that he’s my anime crush have to do with the fact that he’s my favourite anime hero? Definitely. I’m not going to say he’s the perfect hero, he makes mistakes (such as letting his hair and beard grow out) and he’s not strong enough to defeat every single opponent (even though he gets pretty close to that). The thing I like most about Hei is his ambiguity: during daytime he is the confused, naive Chinese guy that wouldn’t hurt a fly. As soon as he wears his mask, though, he transforms into someone completely else, someone that’s not afraid to fight and even kill.