I’ve never really like those harem anime series where several girls cling to a male character in order to catch his attention. Reverse harem, however, is a whole different matter to me; I guess being a girl makes it more pleasant to watch reverse harem instead of the regular harem. The reverse harem series I enjoyed watching the most is definitely Ouran High School Host Club.
The most crucial part of a harem anime, reverse or regular, is setting apart different types of characters. The perfect scenario is that viewers identify and like one of the characters more than the rest of the cast. That’s why there are usually some stereotypes. Ouran High School Host Club is no different in this aspect: the cold and distant guy, the funny and handsome guy, the silent guy, the cute guy, they’re all there. Oh wait, I almost forgot the twins. TWINS! Somehow, though, Ouran manages to turn these “all-too-often-used” personae into refreshing characters. Each of them is simply charming and unique.