I’ve already briefly mentioned this one in this post, but because I really want you to watch the actual video, I chose this as the next opening theme to talk about. I hope this will encourage you to give the anime a chance, because even though some of you might not like it, there will be some that do!

Anime: Romeo x Juliet
Music: “Inori ~ You Raise Me Up” by Lena Park

I’ve already written a review on this anime (be sure to read it if you haven’t already!). As for the music of this opening theme, I think it will sound familiar to most of you, because you’ve probably already heard Josh Groban sing it. I think it sounds equally nice in Japanese, though, and there is also an English version sung by Lena Park.
The video gives a pretty good impression of what the series is like. I like how they introduce most of the characters, even if it’s just a still image that only lasts a few seconds.