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I haven’t seen that many mecha series (now that I think about it, Persona Trinity Soul and Code Geass are the only ones I’ve seen so far… I once tried Gundam Mobile Suit 00, but that one is still on-hold for the moment). And if I have to choose between Persona Trinity Soul and Code Geass, then that choice is quickly made: I choose for Code Geass. Read the rest of this entry »

Two days without internet means that I had to interrupt my 30-days challenge. But the problems concerning my internet connection should be fixed, so hopefully it won’t happen again! As for the challenge of today, the saddest anime scene, I choose a scene that is so sad that I am still crying even after having watched it several times.

SPOILER WARNING: this blog post may contain spoilers of the second season of Code Geass. You have been warned. Read the rest of this entry »

What exactly is it that makes that mangaka and anime makers are so fascinated by eyes? It is no longer an exception that an anime character has something quirky going on with one or both of their eyes. Be it one or two eyes that have been gauged out, eyes that can hypnotize people or eyes that are always shut for some mysterious reason, for every of your eye fetishes there is an anime character.

SPOILER WARNING: I don’t think this post is spoiler-ish, but check the tags to be sure. Read the rest of this entry »

It is unbelievable what can be “said” through music. Certain emotions can be conveyed through music, something which a written or spoken word would never be able to do. That’s why music in anime is very important to me; I love it when I recall a specific feeling when I listen to a piece of music that appeared in an anime. Read the rest of this entry »