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I’ve talked about this specific scene before, in my post Anime Music that Inspires Me. I think the most epic scene ever has to be the final fight in Sword of the Stranger. It contains all the elements that are needed to make a scene amazing: epic music, two enemies facing each other, a fight, swords, and an eerie, foreboding environment. Read the rest of this entry »

It is unbelievable what can be “said” through music. Certain emotions can be conveyed through music, something which a written or spoken word would never be able to do. That’s why music in anime is very important to me; I love it when I recall a specific feeling when I listen to a piece of music that appeared in an anime. Read the rest of this entry »

A visual masterpiece with a strong story and amiable characters: an anime that fits all these descriptions is rare, and that’s why I count Sword of the Stranger amongst the few anime that have truly stunned me. One would almost regret that this is a movie, and not a full anime series. But maybe this is for the best: it’s sometimes better to present a story in a brief, condensed way, rather than to endlessly go on and on and on and on (yes Bleach, I am looking at you). Read the rest of this entry »