That’s a fun question, but a hard one to answer. Because there are so many characters I’d like to cosplay! Especially the unique-looking ones, because it would just be too boring to cosplay a character that looks like a “normal” person, right? Anyway, if I have to choose one character, then I’d say… Grell Sutcliff!
With his bright red hair and clothes, Grell is definitely one of those characters that you wouldn’t overlook when you saw them walking somewhere… That’s why it would be interesting to cosplay him, because his clothes are quite detailed and therefore probably hard to make. I’ve never cosplayed before, and I don’t plan on doing it in the near future, but I’d love to “be” Grell for just one day!
This is the final 30 days challenge, and I enjoyed these challenges very much, as they gave me a deeper insight in my anime tastes.