I know you are thinking by now, “gosh, here she goes again, mentioning Ano Hana”. But I can’t help it, because in this category as well, favourite anime opening theme song, I have to admit that Ano Hana’s opening was the best I’ve seen and heard so far. An honourable mention, though, must be give to Romeo x Juliet, because I immensely enjoyed the opening theme of this anime as well, both the visuals and the song.
I loved the opening song of Ano Hana from the second I heard it. The voice of the singer somehow fits the show very well, because it seems to reflect a feeling of melancholy and nostalgia. The lyrics of the song also represent Ano Hana extremely well (if you’re interested, you can find the romaji and English lyrics of the song here. The visual aspect of the opening is very well done as well, but the song overshadowed the visuals in this specific case.